A Fresh Approach - Designing For Your Life's Stage and Lifestyle

At Wanda S. Horton Interior Design, our team understands the importance of living in a home which greets you with:  comfort, function, well-executed design and all of the special details to reflect who you are - all the while addressing your lifestyle, preferences and needs.  It’s our mission to work in a collaborative spirit as you turn the pages to your next chapter.

Does your home tell YOUR story?   

  • Does it reflect what is meaningful to you and to those with whom you share it?  . . . From traveling the world to collecting local art to impromptu family gatherings, we can design a home with your lifestyle in mind.
  • Does your home allow you to experience your best life and is it effective in its function?  Chances are you've never been busier and creating an efficient space has never been more important - remembering that functional can be beautiful! 
  • Do you have a feeling of pride, excitement or warmth when you cross your threshold?  Interior design is largely about emotion.  How you respond to your home has a direct impact on how you relate to the world.
  • Have your interiors been largely untouched for over five to seven years? . . . Contrary to popular belief, a home shouldn’t need updating solely based on current trends.  Consider how advanced technology has an impact on the function of your interiors.  Hidden features, energy-saving alternatives and updated furnishings are available to incorporate the many options.  There are also lifestyle changes to contemplate.  New family additions, empty nesting and aging-in-place are just a few of the transitions which impact your day-to-day activities and space requirements. 

Does your home tell your story?  . . .

Is it time for something fresh?