Designer for the Day**:  specific interior solutions 

Perhaps you're not certain your home needs a full-service design approach but you do feel it could benefit from some freshening:  A new area rug, some lamps, a sofa, accessorizing a bookcase, creating an art display, paint colors, etc.  Maybe you need furniture placement concepts and could benefit from guidance on: proper scale, pattern coordination, traffic control or ideas for multipurpose room function - even someone to put everything in its proper place*!

Did you resolve to give your kitchen or bath a facelift, meanwhile the contractor's calling you for your selections and now you're faced with the daunting task of deciding on finishes, like tile, plumbing fixtures, counters and such?  Would it be helpful to have some professional, creative support as you go shopping for your room's finishing touches?

Never fear!  This exciting option will get you on your way to achieving a beautifully-designed home!  Think of this as spending the day with your personal design pro with a menu of service options to help revitalize your interior!

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Allow 4 hours for our time together, and then upon completion, you will receive a follow-up list to recap the day, along with your action plan to implement.   (If we find additional days are necessary in order to address an expansion of list items, I can happily schedule and quote that, too!)   To allow for the most productive blocks of time, we provide this service experience, Tuesday -  Thursday, from 1-5pm.

Fee & Service Inquiries:  Please see our fee ranges on our contact page drop-down menu.  We'd love to chat with you about this special service!  Please complete and submit the Client Questionnaire and we'll help in guiding you to our best option.

*Please note:  If the desire is to rework the space, via moving furniture or hanging artwork, etc., this must be pre-determined and pre-scheduled as we'll need additional manpower for heavy lifting.  Typically this activity would be planned for a follow-up design day visit or after an Initial Appointment - Starting Point - visit.  My installer's fee will be in addition to my design fee. 

**Clients who have selected this service plan will carry out the follow-up list on their own and through their own service resources.  Access to my specialized service providers/to-the-trade sources are reserved for Full-Service Interior Design Experiences or Remodeling Projects, as we manage those project aspects under our Premier Level Service.