The Best of Both Worlds:  Combined Services for Construction/Remodeling & Full-Service Design:

If you’re in the process of either building or remodeling a home, and you desire for all of the elements to be singing in harmony, we’ll be happy to create a customized option to address updating your interiors, too.  This will be a hybrid of our services.  Please feel free to inquire about this exciting combination!

Planning for this Service:  After a phone interview, followed by a completion of my client lifestyle questionnaire, a scheduled two-hour consultation will allow for a review of your project.  This will provide the starting point to share preliminary design ideas and to gather key project data.  Upon determining the preliminary project scope and budget, a Letter of Agreement will be signed, project retainers will be determined and the process will begin. 

Fee Details:  An initial consultation fee will be due at the first meeting, which will be applied towards the total design fee. If additional review is needed, we will discuss allowing for more time as well as the subsequent fee.  Please see our fee ranges on our contact page.

Room Work Example (2).jpg