Premier Level:  Full-Scale, Residential Design:

Imagine the reward of walking into a professionally-designed and customized project, be it your main living area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping sanctuary, child's room, guest space, your home office or even your whole house!  You won't have to lift a finger because our team does it all for you.  Of course, you'll be an important, collaborative team member and will be relied upon for key decisions and preferences. 

Here’s an overview of what to expect: 

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  • Design details are gathered:  Client needs & preferences, photos, measurements and lists are collected to create an imaginative, yet functional design plan. 
  • Design concept overview and drawings occur.  Scaled plans and sketches reveal the beginning of your dream space.
  • The design concept is developed:  We’ll have a review of plans, functional requirements, aesthetic desires, a preliminary selection of goods and services, along with a projection of the project budget – based on the total project scope. 
  • Materials are sourced, selected and specified:   Rugs/flooring, furnishings, window treatments, hard surface designs, accents and key design elements are determined.   Custom and to-the-trade options will be presented along with quality-selected outside vendor sources.
  • Materials undergo purchasing management checklists:  We make sure each product detail is reviewed for accuracy, quality and timely delivery, prior to ordering.
  • Careful service and vendor selections, plus project management provide for quality finishes:  We bring our hand-selected team of skilled artisans to your project with a coordinated plan to keep the project humming along smoothly.
  • Project implementation and installation coordination bring the project to completion:  All of the major materials purchases are delivered and put into place, as per your individualized plan.
  • Photo-worthy finish details are worth the wait:  The final reveal would be ready for our professional photographer to capture the essence of a beautifully designed and styled home . . . down to the final floral arrangement and a tweak of the lampshades.

Planning for this Service:  After a phone interview, followed by a completion of my client lifestyle questionnaire, a scheduled two-hour on-site consultation will allow for a thorough review of your project.  This will provide the starting point to share preliminary design ideas and to gather key project data.  Upon determining the preliminary project scope and budget, a Letter of Agreement will be signed, project retainers will be determined and off we'll go!

Fee Details:   An initial designer's fee will be due at the first, project research meeting, which will be applied towards the total project fee. If more than one main area is under consideration, we will discuss allowing for more time as well as the subsequent fee.   See our drop-down menu on our contact page for fee ranges.