Premier Level:  New Home Construction/Remodeling – A Smart Investment in Your Future:

Congratulations!  You've decided to take the first step towards creating a new home to meet the needs for you and your family.  Perhaps you love the home you're in and have decided to add special features or freshen up the function.   Before you break ground or weld the sledgehammer, consider this:  I've spent over seventeen years working with some of the top contractors in the area, from new home builds to large-scale remodels.  When the contractor gets excited because your designer has kept the details flowing and costs in consideration, you know it's a good thing! 

How you’ll benefit:

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  • Stunning permanent home selections:  We work with some of the best vendors in our area to source tiles, cabinets, fixtures, moldings and all of the pertinent details to provide the ultimate combination of performance and beauty.  Exterior and interior solutions are included.
  • Fabulous function while honoring your aesthetic desires:  We’ll review everything from how you turn on the lights to helping you pave the way for accommodating future needs.  It's all about smart-planning for the duration of your residence and perhaps, lifespan!
  • Liaison services with architects*, builder/contractors*:  We’ll collaborate on space allocations and custom designs in order to bring you the ultimate living experience.
  • Client advocacy:  We’ll be the support team member who helps to walk you through the entire process.  We’ll help you to deal with “Mr. Murphy” when he decides to be the uninvited guest!

Planning for this Service:  After a phone interview, followed by a completion of my Client Lifestyle Questionnaire, a scheduled two-hour meeting will allow for a review of your project and your investment will be based upon the total home or project square footage.  (As all of these parts need to fit together, it is not my recommendation to separate the process into parcels.)  

Fee Details:  An initial consultation fee will be due at the first meeting, which will be applied towards the total design fee.  If more review is needed, we will discuss allowing for more time as well as the subsequent fee.  A retainer will also be required upon a signed letter of agreement.   Please see our drop down menu on the contact page for fee ranges.


*(My firm’s services are provided in conjunction with licensed contractors, licensed subcontractors, structural engineers, and/or architects in order to protect the safety and welfare of our clients.  All required inspections will apply.)