Charlotte, NC


Featured in Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine

When I first began working with this active, professional couple, they had been pondering whether to update their interiors for resale or to commit to staying in place. Upon renovating their family room, they were very happy with the results and we moved onto completing the rest of their main level.

The dining room had been originally designed with darker, traditional furnishings. We replaced them with richly finished pieces while using cleaner lines. Lighter, upholstered chairs complement the round table. The room beckoned for a statement light fixture and we found a stunner. An elegant wall finish and dramatic art made for a balanced backdrop.

The living room, as we've found in many homes, had been underused. It's now an elegant space for guests to continue after-dinner conversations. (Unearthing possibilities is right in my wheelhouse.) It's also a welcoming spot for this couple to end their day with a glass of wine and a good book, while catching up on each other's events. There's a hidden TV for sneaking in a favorite show and a desk for catching up on a few emails or correspondence.

We've created a home filled with casual elegance; it is infused with color through accents of art. It's a place where they can relax, enjoy family, and open it up for entertaining, as they often love to do.

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