Ballantyne Country Club

Charlotte, NC


A few years ago, a young couple toured a showcase home I had completed. They picked up my card, saving it for the day they were ready to hire an interior designer to guide them through the process of decorating their home. We began by adding a few pieces to their family room and selecting some paint colors. As time passed, they wanted to move onto other areas, with the idea of investing in the remainder of their home. We refinished kitchen cabinets, added architectural touches, replaced counters, and the backsplash. The dining room went from dark, red walls to an ethereal-patterned blue. Along with new furnishings, a twinkling light fixture was added. Their existing rug was absolutely gorgeous and we were able to provide it with a luxuriously different backdrop. It was a most pleasing design result.

Later on, my clients were transferred to another city and we assisted in making sure all of the pieces they loved would also find a perfect spot to land. Meanwhile, as they were interviewing for a realtor to list their property, our design work caught the eye of one who eventually became a client. Upon completion, that home was featured in Charlotte Home+Garden. We have now appreciated two additional clients from this project. We're grateful when clients share their happy stories.

Here are some of our favorite areas, captured before their move.

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