Designer for the Day**:  specific interior solutions 

If your home could benefit from a style refresh, or help with furniture placement and organization, or if you need assistance with permanent finishes as you’re preparing for a remodel, then this design option is for you! Think of this as spending the day with your personal design pro with specific service options to help revitalize your interior.

Allow 4 hours for our time together, and then upon completion, you will receive a follow-up list to recap the day, along with your action plan to implement.  We will provide you with clear and concise information* for your specific questions.

A separate, second day styling service may be an option when finishing touches are desired.  If we find it to be beneficial to include our trusted installer - think furniture moving or wall decor installation - we will need to schedule this in advance. His fee will be separate and we can provide an estimate for his service.

If your list is ongoing, we may determine changing to our Full-Service Design Method could provide a better return on your investment and the results.

**NOTE:  Clients who have selected our designer for the day service plan will carry out the follow-up list on their own and through their own resources.  Our information* will provide guidance based on what we think the average consumer can manage to implement on their own.  Access to my specialized service providers/to-the-trade sources are reserved for clients who have opted for Full-Service Design

Fee & Service Inquiries:  We'd love to chat with you about this special service!  Please complete and submit our Client Questionnaire and we'll help in guiding you to our best option.