Congratulations!  You've decided to take the first step towards creating a home, personally designed to meet your needs.   From the youngest member of the household, to the active adult who wants more time to play, our works spans not only across generations, but design styles, as well.  Read on to learn more about our service options.

the starting point - our introductory consultation:

Would you benefit from defining design concepts for updating a specific room or area?  Are you considering remodeling an existing home or are breaking ground on a new home build project?  Would you like to become more comfortable with making wise decisions by receiving advice from an interiors expert for the best return on your design dollars?  This is the perfect introductory consultation!

This initial meeting allows for assistance in determining your home or office project priorities.  During this time, we're going to review your space and/or your project plans.  We will discuss:  your design style and preferences, lifestyle and functional desires - and if full-service design is desired - projected timelines, budgetary goals, and how to establish realistic expectations in order to bring your project to completion.  We will also review some examples of completed projects and how we work.  It's a great time for questions from everyone involved!

Some creative and also conservative design advice will be shared, considering great design is a process and some of our best think tank time is achieved after the first visit.  This two hour, in-home or in-office service is our first step in providing guidance towards the most suitable approach for designing your interiors space.   

Moving further along:  We may determine, ahead of time, to add an extra hour for gathering even more important information.  Measuring and documenting details, through photographs, can provide us with enough information to progress to the next phase of our full-service process.  We'll discuss what that would entail and the investment for our exclusive Master Plan

Fee & Service Inquiries:  We'd love to chat with you about this special service.  Go to our contact page drop-down menu to complete and submit the Client  Questionnaire and we'll help in guiding you to our best option.  

*(Please note:  If you are not considering a turn-key, full-service project, another consultation process may be a better offering.  Our Designer For The Day, or a separate bundling of consultation time, can be considered.  Those options would be designated for clients who will be desiring design advice, only.  We do not provide our trade sources or trade service providers for consultation-only services.)

full-service interior design options:

Turn-key solutions are provided with concierge service.  Of course, you'll be an important, collaborative member and will be relied upon for key decisions and preferences.  Our Master Plan, a unique part of our full-service method, delivers beautiful and functional spaces.  This design process can include interior design, remodeling or construction selections, or a combination of both.

Interior Design - By The Room or Whole House - An Overview:  


PHASE ONE :  The Initial Meeting:

  • Design details are gathered and preliminary ideas are reviewed in order to create a scope of services and solutions. 

PHASE TWO - Developing Your Master Plan: 

  • The design concept is developed, along with a budget projection, based on the project’s scope. 
  • Design concept overview and drawings occur.  

PHASE THREE – Project Activities & Management: 

  • Materials are sourced, selected and specified.  
  • Materials undergo purchasing management checklists. 
  • Careful service and vendor selections, plus project management provide for quality finishes.   

PHASE FOUR – Project Installation:

  • Project execution and installation coordination bring the project to completion.  
  • We deliver your completed, photo-worthy space. 

Remodeling & New Home Construction Services - How We Can Help:

Final WH 093 (1).jpg
  • Stunning permanent home selections:  We work with some of the best vendors in our area to source tiles, cabinets, fixtures, moldings and all of the pertinent details to provide the ultimate combination of performance and beauty.  Exterior and interior solutions are included.
  • Fabulous function while honoring your aesthetic desires:  We’ll review everything from how you turn on the lights to helping you pave the way for accommodating future needs.  It's all about smart-planning for the duration of your residence and perhaps, lifespan!
  • Liaison services with architects*, builder/contractors*:  We’ll collaborate on space allocations and custom designs in order to bring you the ultimate living experience.
  • Client advocacy:  We’ll be the support team member who helps to walk you through the entire process.  We’ll help you to handle “Mr. Murphy” when he decides to be the uninvited guest!

designer for the day**:  specific interior solutions 


If your home could benefit from a style refresh, or help with furniture placement and organization, or if you need assistance with permanent finishes as you’re preparing for a remodel, then this design option is for you! Think of this as spending the day with your personal design pro with specific service options to help revitalize your interior.

Allow 4 hours for our time together, and then upon completion, you will receive a follow-up list to recap the day, along with your action plan to implement.  We will provide you with clear and concise information* for your specific questions.

A separate, second day styling service may be an option when finishing touches are desired.  If we find it to be beneficial to include our trusted installer - think furniture moving or wall decor installation - we will need to schedule this in advance. His fee will be separate and we can provide an estimate for his service.

If your list is ongoing, we may determine changing to our Full-Service Design Method could provide a better return on your investment and the results.

**NOTE:  Clients who have selected our designer for the day service plan will carry out the follow-up list on their own and through their own resources.  Our information* will provide guidance based on what we think the average consumer can manage to implement on their own.  Access to my specialized service providers/to-the-trade sources are reserved for clients who have opted for Full-Service Design. 

Fee & Service Inquiries:  We'd love to chat with you about this special service!  Please complete and submit our Client Questionnaire and we'll help in guiding you to our best option.